Welcome to a gaming community open

for everyone.

You’re right on time! We’re just about to create a personal gaming experience where everyone’s welcome regardless of who you are and what games you love to play. We believe things like finding people to play with, having great conversations, and managing your clan should be easy and fun. Sign up to our beta and help us build Wasder your way.

Our promise

We’re not just gamers. We’re all different and so is our experience of gaming. That’s why we promise to give back the control of what is perfect for you. Simply by creating a personal experience where everyone’s welcome regardless of who you are and what games you love to play.

Now, we are not there yet. Wasder are still in a beta and have a long way to walk. And we should walk there together. By listening to your thoughts and wishes, share ideas we have, and perfect them together. And that's our promise to you, to listen and communicate.

Because that what Wasder is, Gaming made personal.

Find people

to play with.


Finding people to play with can be a headache. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that we’re working on a solution. We’re aware that some of you have been waiting for this sometime now. But for us it’s important that we do this right. When we're done, finding a group or a team for your favorite game will be easy peasy.

We are getting better


With the help of our community we improve our clans frequently. With our recent update we made it's easier for you to create a clan and finding one to join.

Every clan is unique, and so is your needs. Let us know what you think would be useful and we might just build it for you.


As we keep developing Wasder, you will see that conversations and content is the very backbone of what we do.

That’s why with our recent update your feed is truly the center of attention.


Wasder a gaming community open for everyone.

Sign up and join our Minecraft community clan today.

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